Obtaining set goals in the most effective way

In helping you navigate your company through these volatile markets and economic conditions that your company might find itself in, we also provide you with the necessary framework and take proactive action in ensuring that your company has a solid foundation and a functional system that not only allows it to operate, but to add value, enhance the work culture, be more flexible and expand according to its needs.

We have successfully ensured that companies achieve their set goals in the following but not limited areas:
  • % increase in revenue
  • % increase in operational efficiency
  • Establish an HR Department
  • % increase in stakeholder management
  • # increase in BBBEE points
How Stratworx unlocks the value for growth for your business: 
  • Gain insights to the “AS-IS” of the company and design a desirable “TO-BE” 
    (Organisational Diagnosis & Strategy)
  • Establishment of a clear Vision and Mission for your business (Strategy)
  • Analysing and design key business processes, functions and how they can be improved (QMS)
  • Determine level of employee relations and work culture (Human Resource)
  • Find any bottlenecks that may be preventing optimum organisational efficiency (Organisational Diagnosis)
  • Establishing level of customer engagement (Marketing)
  • Establish linkages between departments to ensure operational efficiencies (Business Process Mapping)